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We all know people and have connections but we are the experts that bring out the best of them.

Connecting Dots is a private company based in Mexico City that connects people and businesses all around the world. With our global network we make your ideas, projects, products and companies expand and grow by using our local and international contacts, depending on what you need. We are the link you were looking for to make things happen. We know the value of time; that is why we are fast in connecting our clients.

There is time, and there is the RIGHT time to make a move. We know when and how to do it. We are the best when it comes to finding the the perfect time to make the move.

We are continually growing our connections around the world looking for the right group and people who open the doors that you need.

Sometimes You are just one or two steps away from the right person who will make your deals work and expand.

We have anything you need, just name it!.


We love every single project big or small. We assign one of our experts who acts as your liaison on the field.


In the world of business, the fastest way to grow is by having the best contacts at the right place.


We creat powerful relations between companies and people in the private and public sector.

We are a group of experts with more than 10 years of experience in different sectors. We have been opening doors with the goal of helping your vision come to life. Whether it´s doing business overseas, partnerships between private enterprise, or paving the way for your real estate development, we know it takes trust, relationships and understanding to make it happen. That´s what we do.


Good connections make the difference. Is all about relations.

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